What d’ya call it??? URBAN??? #TwitterTopics

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Taio Cruz at the start of the week had a” RANT” on twitter discussing the term Urban for what we consider to be BLACK MUSIC.

He said in a series of Tweets

“What does “Urban” really mean? Im thinking “urban” is politically correct speak for “Black” – Highly annoying!! I’d prefer it if people just had the guts to say black! I would just like people to #CallItWhatItIs. I cant stand the lazy branding for any music black kids make as Urban! Highly Annoying! If only people would class u by your creations & not on face value; and judge u by your actions & not on skin color. This goes for everyone! Anyways im just venting frustration. Im sure some people are already offended but they can kiss my buttcheeks! I just like people to #keepitreal. Taio Cruz – Black producer who makes hip hop, rnb, dance, and pop. Urban is not a genre of music.”  

To be honest I feel a lil uneasy referring to everything as Black music… “MUSIC OF BLACK ORIGIN PERHAPS… ”  but that’s just long because Justin Timberlake isn’t black but he sings ” black music”… Dappy from NDubz sure aint Black… but he sings what we consider “Black music”  so I think Taio cruz made a big #FAIL on this tweeting topic.

But he might have a point… it’s not a genre…


#FF the TEAM

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