WOZZAA!!! Whos that HOT new member of the #HammerMusicTeam???

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Whats going on people, its been a lil while since iv blogged due to my MAD busy schedule doing performances all over the gaff, but not to worry, there has been an addition to the #HammerMusicTeam and this new member’s gonna be getting involved and keeping you guys up to date with whats HOT along side the BIG MAN HIMSELF!!

Give a warm welcome to REMEL LONDON!!

Hey it’s REMEL LONDON, im a singer songerwriter and choreographer lolol ( you would expect me to say that with a name like that right?) NO REALLY, I’m a tv and radio presenter, a host , LOUD and i dabble in a bit of entertainment PR and i am officially a new member of the Hammer music team!!!! YAY!!!

I currently have my own radio show on http://www.fresh956.co.uk based in leeds and it’s on every thursday 6-8pm! Now that you’ve read this by force you must listen every week and you will enjoy a lovely selection of funky house, soulful house an exclusive interview with an amazing artist and some hot new rnb and hip hop!

I’ve been apart of some amazing teams in my life such as working with Bigga Fish, Nike Women, Showtime productions and many more but by far this new team excites me the most!!!
They’re giving me the chance to do the one thing I LOVE… SAY WHAT’S ON MY MIND!!!
You see that’s my thing… I love finding out what’s hot on the streets and telling you all about it, I’ll give it to you straight via this amazing blog!!!
So make sure you keep scrolling and enjoy!!!

stay tuned it’s the 2010 TAKEOVER!!!

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