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this ones nothing special just the same old ‘STOP & SEARCH’, I just finished ma dress rehearsal for iluvlive and so I was in Piccadilly Circus area and I was on the search of GRUB!!

As I was walking wid ma bredrin one big time police van with two other police cars stop right in front of us and about 7 police men and 1 police lady (who was kinda sexy) CHARGED AT US!!

AND GUEST WHAT THEY SAID? YEP YOUR RIGHT!! ‘there was a robbery with a male that fits your description’ I just finished their sentance coz i’ve herd it so much i’ve learnt the lines, any way got searched and kicked up a lil fuss just to buss some jokes and managed to take a pic of ma boi ‘Mr Nicer’ and up loaded it 2 ma twitter!! hahahah

stop and search